Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Clean House Is A Sign Of No Internet Connection

My computers are working fine... it was our connection that wasn't so great.  Along with our digital voice telephones.  Comcast.  They suck, seriously!  They sent people out twice to fix the problem only the problem was never fixed and every time we'd call to report loss of connection they'd tell us to go unplug and reset our modem.  
They wanted me to live under my desk, I'm convinced of it!  
And they offered zero customer service... we'd been with them for 6 years at $200/month... and the best we could get was a 'sorry Mam, we can get someone there (for the 3rd time) in a few days."  
First off, don't call me Mam!  
Second, what in sweet carnation makes them think I have any faith they can get it right the 3rd time around and why should I give them the opportunity to try when At&t offers more for less $?!  
So, we switched.  It took the At&t tech all day to rewire the house in the basement and the attic and get it all up and working... but so far, I am much happier with the switch!

What became apparent to me while our service was down was how much time I spend on the computer, phone and internet!  And how much time my kids spend watching TV or playing video games, both were unavailable to them for the day so we had to get creative.  They painted, picked up a guitar and played... played the piano, read books and helped me clean and cook!  My house got cleaner then it's been in a long time... hmmmm.... I've never thought my 'addiction' to technology was that big or that strong but being with out it has made me realize how strong it actually is... and consuming!  I've felt out of the loop even if I've missed nothing!

We should probably lose our internet, TV and phone altogether and we might be smarter more well rounded people... living in a cleaner home!  Hmmmm.... maybe one thing at a time... for now I'll just focus on healthier eating and living. :)

I talked to my good (healthy living guru) friend Carey the other day and she reminded me that I could also use the VitaMix for Tzatziki dip and hummus!  Two of my favorites!  
And the plain, non fat greek yogurt makes a good, healthier substitute for sour cream as well... so I really should substitute it in more often.

Tzatziki dip is good with just about anything, but I like it best with carrots and celery... my kids liked it too!

To make it, mix well:
1 container of non fat plain greek yogurt
1 package of Feta
1 small onion
1/2 lemon squeezed
2 cloves of garlic 
1 cucumber cut and mixed in after
Dill and Oregano to taste

*Mine came out a little runnier then I would have liked... and I read (after, of course) that I should have strained the liquid out of the greek yogurt by putting it into a coffee filter and resting it on top a glass... next time.  The taste is still good though, thinking of incorporating it into a greek chicken dish.

I like to wash and cut my veggies so they're ready to eat.  FYI, celery is kept best wrapped in foil.  
I've had it last for weeks in a paper towel and foil.

Nummy!  :)

Speaking of Technology addictions... I've just caught this movie on one of my new movie channels called Saint Ralph ... It just sucked me in!  All about a kid whose Mom is in a comma and needs a miracle to wake up.  He prays and he trains to run (and win) the Boston Marathon "If you're not chasing miracles in life, what's the point" is my favorite take away so far... I haven't finished watching yet so I can't tell you how it ends even if I did want to spoil it for you... but I find it interesting... how even when we're not looking for it, inspiration finds us!  
Ever notice that?  How when you set your mind to something...  that something, seems to be everywhere you look! ;)

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